i didn’t realize how hungry i was until i actually started  moving fuck


what i am not:

  • a girl
  • a boy

what i am:

  • unholy spawn of darkness and fear
  • dreaded by all who encounter me
  • kinda hungry

i’ve spent the entire past day and night comatose but only sort of sleeping, like on and off? and now that i’m actually trying to sleep for real of course i can’t. -__-

i really need to start packing and cleaning the house today, so much as i just want to keep lying here in the dark feeling like shit and hating myself, i can’t. 

i’m not gonna actually do anything til the sun comes up, but i figure sitting up and drinking water and watching videos is a good start, as opposed to lying here staring at nothing…




this is one of the many reasons i love having a toy piano


let’s bring this back

"The minimum wage needs to be a living wage. The business-side discomfort with raising the wage would be more understandable if every sector was hurting. But it isn’t. The rich are richer than ever, corporate profits are at record highs, the stock market is soaring. We don’t need to coddle McDonalds and WalMart by paying their employees less than living wages. But in any case, raising the minimum doesn’t hurt the economy at all. It actually creates more jobs."

fucking zooming in on the cats face like “shit i’ve been trapped”
i’m crying


fucking zooming in on the cats face like “shit i’ve been trapped”

i’m crying

woooo since i am drunk

i miss my friends i miss being with them every day i miss sarah and i miss living with her and falling asleep to her talking to me

i miss victoria and hanging out with her and i miss elise and malcolm and kelso and terrell and eddie just being together in the student center i miss my friends so much i miss being with my friends and talking and playing magic and fucking around and walking and just doing shit i miss my friends

i miss will he is my best friend and it’s straight up been over a year since i’ve seen him and i miss hearing his voice and just being around him and being with him and talking and we do that over text and skype but i miss being around him too i miss him so much

i just feel like a constant ball of missing people and that is only going to get worse once i move and that fucking sucks so much


come lay down next to me and i’ll tell you about all the dogs i saw today 

i am so drunk too drunk it is five am and i should probably stop drinking and go to bed eventually ahahaha i’m terrible